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Our Story

What is Conservative Coffee?

My name is Rusty... I love coffee. I love coffee for the flavor and the functionality. I love the community it fosters and for the needed boost in the morning before a long hard day of work. There is a lot of really good coffee out there. We buy from the same sources as many other high-end micro-batch coffee companies. While our air-roasting process is more exclusive and super tasty there are still other companies out there that do the same.         

 So why are we here? 

We are just like you. You think politics are important. You think speaking into our culture is important. You want to raise your family in a country that has learned from its past but still want to honor the true values that this country was founded on. 

This world is changing so fast around us and sometimes we feel like just curling in a ball and shutting it all out, but we can't do that! The timeless truths that made this country great have not changed. We must respond to our culture, in love, and bring the things worth conserving to the next generation. 

We're just a little coffee roaster but with Your help and little extra energy from our delicious coffee we can make a difference! 

We love talking to everyone on all sides! Lighthearted deep conversation is what's going to help save this nation from collapse. So, if you couldn't possibly buy some of my coffee because you couldn't possibly disagree with me more... brew up your favorite coffee and I'll brew mine and let's talk. 

Coffee has been our freedom loving drink ever since we turned the Boston Harbor into a giant teapot!  

 $1 from every bag sold goes to well vetted causes that stand for our values.


1. Individual Freedoms

The birth of our great nation was inspired by the bold declaration that our individual, God-given liberties should be preserved against government intrusion. In America, we proclaim the self-evident truths that all of us are created equal and granted by God the same inherent freedoms, such as the natural and unalienable rights to life, liberty, conscience, free speech and the free exercise of religion. The purpose of government is to secure these rights and increase the liberty of the American people.


2. Limited Government

For individual liberty to be championed, government must be reduced. We believe, as our founders did, that a legitimate government operates only by the consent of the governed and is more efficient and less corrupt when it is limited in its size and scope. When applied as written, our incomparable Constitution provides important safeguards against government encroachment, a vital separation of powers, and a necessary system of checks and balances. Federalism, decentralized authority, and the elimination of unnecessary regulations and bureaucracy helps ensure that the government serves the people, and not the other way around. 


3. The Rule of Law

Ours is "a government of laws and not of men," and the rule of law is our foundation. To maintain ordered liberty and a civilized society, public and private virtue should be encouraged, and justice must be administered equally and impartially to all. 


4. Peace Through Strength

The first obligation of the federal government is to provide for the "common defense" of the United States by protecting our homeland and our strategic interests abroad. Because America serves in a natural role of moral leadership in an increasingly dangerous world, and weakness invites aggression, we must remain the strongest military power on earth fully prepared and capable of defeating any adversaries, tyrants or terrorists, under any circumstances, at any time.


5. Fiscal Responsibility 

Because government under most administrations has refused to live within its means, America is facing an unprecedented debt and spending crisis. Federal debt now exceeds $26 trillion, and our current fiscal path is unsustainable and dangerous, jeopardizing our nation's economic growth, stability and the security of future generations. Congress has a moral and constitutional duty to resolve the crisis, bring spending under control, balance the federal budget, reform and modernize entitlement programs, eliminate fraud, waste and abuse, pursue continued pro-growth tax reforms and permanent tax reductions, and restore regular order and accountability in the budget and appropriations processes.



6. Free Markets

                         Government often stands as the greatest obstacle to the progress and prosperity of free people. Free markets and free trade agreements allow for innovation, improvement and economic expansion as risk-takers, entrepreneurs and business owners are given the liberty to pursue the American dream and create more jobs and upward mobility for more people. We believe competition should be encouraged, and government intervention and regulation should be limited. The people are better qualified to make decisions about their own lives and finances than bureaucrats, and the private sector will outperform the public sector in virtually every scenario. The free enterprise system rewards hard work and self-sacrifice and is the basis and genius of the American economy.


7. Human Dignity 

Because all men are created equal and in the image of God, every human life has inestimable dignity and value, and every person should be measured only by the content of their character. A just government protects life, honors marriage and family as the primary institutions of a healthy society and embraces the vital cultural influences of religion and morality. Public policy should always encourage education and emphasize the virtue of hard work as a pathway out of-poverty, while public assistance programs should be reserved only for those who are truly in need. In America, everyone who plays by the rules should get a fair shot. By preserving these ideals, we will maintain the goodness of America that has been the secret to our greatness.

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