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Oh Boy! Have I stepped in it now!

So we have been slowly ramping up our company for the last few months. We have had the pleasure of advertising on and it has been great. I was debating about giving money to a lefty social media company but finally decided that there was still probably many lovely conservatives on there still just using it for the original purpose of sharing baby photos with their family. SOOOOO...... I ran my first ad.


Super basic; great coffee, conservative values, no compromise. The vitriol and hate that was spilled out in the comment section (that I didn't turn off) was very shocking. Here are some of the gems it got. " Coffee with a side of racism" "Have to add a ton of cream to make your coffee less black" "Won't stain your Klan robes" " After drinking you have the sudden urge to shoot protesters" "If you drink this coffee and get sick they don't want you to have healthcare". One satire site reposted my ad and renamed all my roasts lacing them with attacks on conservative commentators and calling us all the tired tropes of racist, inbred, and women hating.


I've got to hand it to them. All those liberal arts degrees are paying off (my high school graduate attempt at a witty joke).

I guess we all have to go through our own process of realizing we are a divided country; this was part of mine. With a business name like the one I've chosen, it was ignorant to think I wouldn't be asking for this.

Why did I go with such an on-the-nose name?

Answer: It's a crowded market out there. There is a ton of high-end, micro coffee companies that want to charge you $16 to $24 for 12oz of coffee. What makes us different? Well, it starts with Starbucks. They could just sell coffee and leave it at that but they don't. They use their influence and income to fund planned parenthood, sponsor gay pride parades, and slip in their leftist agenda into everything, even their training materials. So I haven't been to Starbucks in 10 years. With the Trump era causing every company to choose sides, I found myself without somewhere to turn for good coffee, without worrying about what the company is supporting in the background.


I wanted it to be nice and clear.

God-fearing men founded this country on biblical values that have made it great. We should stick close to those founding principles and conserve the things worth saving, standing against the ideas and tactics that look to tear it all down.

Conservative Coffee Roasters

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